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stoned and bones

CorRuptedAnGel32: seriously...are we gonna do something anytime soon?
CorRuptedAnGel32: :-D
SunkenBreath123: i doubt it
SunkenBreath123: lmao im kidding
SunkenBreath123: but no i dont think
SunkenBreath123: haha im just fucking
SunkenBreath123: yeah i dont think so
SunkenBreath123: no
SunkenBreath123: yeah
SunkenBreath123: sure
SunkenBreath123: why no
SunkenBreath123: oh my no
SunkenBreath123: sure
SunkenBreath123: awesome
SunkenBreath123: see you tomorrow
SunkenBreath123: maybe not
CorRuptedAnGel32: *stares*
SunkenBreath123: pick the scabs and pick the bleeding
CorRuptedAnGel32: ewww
CorRuptedAnGel32: bloooddd
SunkenBreath123: no
SunkenBreath123: i dont think
CorRuptedAnGel32: *scrunches nose*
CorRuptedAnGel32: KYLE
CorRuptedAnGel32: lol
SunkenBreath123: what
CorRuptedAnGel32: shhhhh
CorRuptedAnGel32: (how's it feel to be shhh'ed?) ha
SunkenBreath123: real good
SunkenBreath123: but i dont think we can do it
SunkenBreath123: maybe it
SunkenBreath123: but not it
SunkenBreath123: if you catch the drift
SunkenBreath123: that is pizza sounds good but not
SunkenBreath123: in the era
SunkenBreath123: but who knows i dont
SunkenBreath123: thats for sure
SunkenBreath123: not really
SunkenBreath123: but ok
SunkenBreath123: :-*
CorRuptedAnGel32: i understood 2 things out of all that
CorRuptedAnGel32: pizza and :-*
CorRuptedAnGel32: lol
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